Proper heat exchanger design is critical to industrial processes and to bottom line profitability. Downtime is simply too costly and disruptive, and poorly designed equipment can be dangerous. It's important to choose a premium supplier versed in the latest thermal and mechanical engineering technologies. We offer a variety of quality heat transfer and related products to suit a wide range of process applications.

Exchanger design is not an exact science. There are many thermal, hydraulic, and mechanical factors affecting performance and service life. For this reason common sense and practical experience are vitally important. We offer both.

A few factors affecting performance and service life:

     Peak flows and turn-downs,

     Flow surges,

     Summer versus winter operation,

     Start-up and shut-down extremes,

     Steam & hot solution cleaning,     

     Thermal variations,

     Differential metal expansion,

     Tube vibration,

     Material fatigue,

     Corrosion and erosion.

UG-22 Loadings Checklist