Finned Surface

For most cases where the outside heat transfer coefficient is two or more times lower than the inside coefficient, overall heat transfer efficiency improves by increasing the outside surface area with added fin surface. We offer both mechanically bonded high fin and integral low fin options.

Improved efficiency results in fewer required tubes for a given application, allowing:

   - improved in-tube velocity and corresponding heat transfer coefficient,

   - smaller overall exchanger size,

   - smaller plot space requirements,

   - fewer tubesheet holes to drill, ream, and groove,

   - fewer tube to tubesheet joints to expand and/or weld, and

   - material and labor savings.

Process applications for finned tubes are virtually unlimited.  Typical applications include:

   - air coolers (ambient, forced, and induced circulation),

   - autoclave heating and cooling,

   - boilers and boiler economizers,

   - combustion air preheaters,

   - drying kilns (hops, limestone, lumber, etc.)

   - enclosure heaters (livestock, greenhouse, etc.)

   - fired process heaters,

   - flue gas heat recovery systems,

   - glycol dehydration units,

   - oil heaters and coolers,

   - tank heaters and coolers,

   - vaporizers (ammonia, LNG, etc).

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