Critical Service Flanges

BRAUN TaperSeal ® hub flanges are the most rugged high integrity industrial flanges available anywhere. A solid metal male / male tapered seal ring provides a large sealing surface while maintaining a low sealing diameter profile.

TaperSeal ® hub flanges are ideal for:

     Extreme pressures, (15,000 PSI, 1034 BAR),

     Extreme temperatures (1500 F, 816 C),

     Cryogenic services (-320 F, -196 C),

     Hydrogen and oxygen services,

     Lethal services.

     High alloys - nickel, C276, AL6XN, etc.

TaperSeal ® hub flanges are superior to clamp type and RTJ flanges.

Although not recommended, TaperSeal ® hub flanges are capable of extreme misalignment, up to 20 degrees.

All weldable materials are available including aluminum and titanium.

Sizes range from 1/2" (12.7 mm) nominal pipe to 120" (3048 mm) special.

Engineering services are available if you prefer to provide your own manufacturing.